We Ordered a Fake Apple Watch From China and This Is What We Got

The knockoffs are out before the original, but beware.

With our research we found good news and bad news. The good news was that we did find a watch that looks like an official Apple Watch with the same color and shape. The bad news was it is a counterfeit. A knock-off. A fake.

I learned about this because the story was being told in newspapers.

We heard there were two possible knock-offs. One called Ai Watch and the other called the D-Watch. We were told that we could buy one of them in a few stores but we took the easier route to buy online from a company called Taobao.

So if you want to brag and show off then go ahead and buy one of these. They are much cheaper. We bought ours for $47 instead of the $350 for a real one. It could look good on your wrist but only from afar. Keep it away from the eyes of your friends.