Outrage After Google Image Reveals Star of David on Roof of Iran Airport

Google Earth satellite image shows Star of David on roof of Iran airport.

ByABC News
December 2, 2010, 1:33 PM

Dec. 2, 2010— -- Iranian officials reportedly are outraged after learning that a Google Earth satellite image revealed a star of David emblazoned atop the roof of the Tehran airport.

According to Arabic language news outlet Al Arabiya, national leaders called for the immediate removal of the Zionist symbol after it was discovered on top of the main building of Iran Air.

Although Israel and Iran broke ties more than 30 years ago, Al Arabiya reported that the Iran Air building was built by Israeli engineers before the Islamic Revolution in 1979. Citing local reports, it also said that not only did the Iranian government hire Israeli engineers to build the airliner's headquarters, it also scheduled regular flights between the two countries.

But this isn't the first surprising spectacle revealed, compliments of Google Earth. Take a look at a few other Google Earth wonders below.