Super Bowl 2012: Top 5 Apps to Follow Big Game Online

For the first time, smart phone users can watch a live stream of the big game.

Feb. 2, 2012 — -- If you're stuck at work or nowhere near a TV for Super Bowl 46, don't fret. This year, for the first time ever, NBCSports and will offer a live stream of the big game. NBC Sports has been streaming Sunday Night games for a few years now, so here's what you should expect: You'll get additional camera angles, DVR-like controls to pause live game play and social networking capabilities.

Out on the road and only have your smartphone? Here are some free apps to get ready for the big day:

NFL Mobile (iOS, Android)

This is the first time that we'll be able to watch a live stream of the game legally on mobile phones. NFL Mobile is the place to be and Verizon is the network to be on if you want a live stream of the Super Bowl. You need to download NFL Mobile Premium, which includes the live video part of the app (games, NFL RedZone during the season and 24/7 NFL Network). Premium is at no extra charge for 4GLTE smart phone users. Users with 3G devices must subscribe to Verizon Video at $10/month to get the live video.

The app includes live audio, current drive chart, real-time scores and lets you easily post comments to Facebook and other social networking sites. You'll also see additional camera angles, in-game highlights and live stats. A word of caution on data: Remember that watching all that video will chew through your data plans, so keep an eye not just on the ball but on your reminders as well. Verizon will send a reminder every 10 minutes for the first 30 minutes asking if you're still there and want to continue watching ... just to be sure. If you don't respond, the video stops. And the app also offers the option to watch the live video over Wi-Fi, if available.

Giants Mobile (iOS, Android)

The official app for Big Blue. This free app offers Giants fans real-time news, video on demand, photo galleries, all the latest stats, and a place to check out all the lastest Giants-related Tweets. You can share your own comments to Facebook or Twitter right from within the app, or check in to the stadium when you arrive for the game.

New England Patriots 2011 (Android, iOS, BlackBerry)

Fans of the New England Patriots know to go to this official team app for the latest news and videos. Also stats and scores, game details, video and audio broadcasts. Their photo gallery includes pictures of cheerleaders! You also earn points for watching videos that you can redeem when buying fan merchandise.

ESPN ScoreCenter (iOS, Android, Win Phone 7)

Sports fans probably already have this app but if you're going to be arguing stats with others while watching the game, you need this. ScoreCenter gives you one-touch access to everything you need to know for the big day, including stats, news and standings. You can set alerts for your favorite teams, and on game day, get live game details and analysis featuring last play and in-game stats.

A+ Superbowl Commercials (iOS)

Are you a fan of the Super Bowl commercials? Of course you are! This app collects the YouTube links to some of the best commercials from year's past, and will update as soon as new ones are posted.