Bryan Adams -- June 5, 2005

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What do Hillary Clinton, Katie Holmes and Tina Turner have in common? It's not Tom Cruise, but it is a rock star -- Bryan Adams. By day, he's a photographer, and he shot pictures of these famous woman, plus almost 100 more, for a cause. His photo book "American Women" is out this month, and all proceeds go to breast cancer research.

Bryan Adams: "A friend of mine got breast cancer, and I suggested after seeing her when she'd lost all her hair that I do a photograph of her, because I thought she looked really beautiful. In the process of doing that, I thought it might be quite a good idea to do a book to promote awareness and perhaps raise some money for breast cancer as a tribute to her. She, unfortunately, passed away.

"The first book that I did called, 'Made in Canada,' we raised $4 million for that cause. The idea is to do the same thing here in the States. I've always enjoyed being behind the scenes more than I have in the front.

"My role is really just to try and make people feel as comfortable as possible and to try and get a great picture.

"We wanted to get as many people as we could that were at the height of their profession, or have been or are on their way up. I get asked all the time to choose one photograph out of all of them and it's kind of hard to. I think that there are various photographs that, you know -- the Hillary Clinton photograph. The Hillary Clinton shoot was interesting because, of course, as you imagine, it was Secret Service with dog sniffing, it was all that before we even got started.

"The Scarlett Johansson photography, which is photographed in a parking lot in Los Angeles. I really liked that.

"Lauren Bush was photographed in New York. So the photograph of Lauren is of her lying down on a concrete floor in New York City.

"Tina [Turner], as a lot of people may know, is of course, a fabulous singer. She's very free and very alive and sort of defies all the odds.

"I think the one thing you learn when you have to take photographs of people is that you have to learn patience. There's a moment where it suddenly happens, and that's it. It's almost like a shooting star. So you just have to be aware of that moment.

"And all the ducks lined up when this project came into my lap. And I thought, 'Perfect,' you know -- of course thinking about my friend the whole time."

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart:

Stewart: "What's the real state of Zarqawi's health?"

Richard Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff [on tape]: "We're seeing postings on their Web site [that he] has been injured, because we follow the Web sites and tend to believe it's probably true."

Stewart: "What? Let me get this straight. The Army's best source of information on our enemy is their blog? Are you serious?"

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart:

Stewart: "Deep Throat, the anonymous Watergate informant who helped topple a presidency, unmasked himself yesterday. You're going to want to brace yourself for this. Deep Throat is … a guy you never heard of -- W. Mark Felt. … There is now some controversy as to how Felt should be remembered in history. There is Felt's grandson, Deep Throat III, who offered his opinion."

Felt's grandson [on tape]: "The family believes Mark Felt, my grandfather, is a great American hero."

Stewart: "It's his grandson. Probably still on the payroll."

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