In Memoriam: Lives of Note

Oliver W. Hill, 100 -- Civil rights lawyer who was instrumental in overturning the "separate but equal" laws in Virginia public schools.

"Change is inevitable. Now the question is: Are you going to move the change in a progressive fashion to the benefit of everybody, or are you going to let part of the population regress?"

Frank Rosenfelt, 85 -- Studio chief who ushered MGM into a new era, leading the expansion of the brand into hotels and casinos.

"We felt with the combination, the experience that we did have with the MGM name, with the MGM trademark, that it wasn't much of a risk."


  Army SGT William R Howdeshell, 37, of Norfolk, VA
Army SPC Charles E Bilbrey, Jr, 21, of Owego, NY
Army SPC Jaime Rodriguez, Jr, 19, of Oxnard, CA
Army MAJ Thomas G Bostick Jr, 37, of Llano, TX
Army SSG William R Fritsche, 23, of Martinsville, IN
Army PVT Michael A Baloga, 21, of Everett, WA
Army SPC Daniel A Leckel, 19, of Medford, OR
Army PFC Cody C Grater, 20, of Spring Hill, FL
Army SSG Wilberto Suliveras, 38, of Humacao, PR
Marine Cpl Sean A Stokes, 24, of Auburn, CA
Army SPC Camy Florexil, 20, of Philadelphia, PA
Army 1LT Benjamin J Hall, 24, of Virginia
Army SGT Stephen R Maddies, 41, of Elizabethton, TN
Army CPL Jason M Kessler, 29, of Mount Vernon, WA
Army SPC Zachariah J Gonzalez, 23, of Indiana
Army PFC Charles T Heinlein Jr, 23, of Hemlock, MI
Army PFC Alfred H Jairala, 29, of Hialeah, FL
Army SGT Taurean T Harris, 22, of Liberty, MS
Army SSG Fernando Santos, 29, of San Antonio, TX
Army SPC Cristian Rojas-Gallego, 24, of Loganville, GA
Army SPC Eric D Salinas, 25, of Houston, TX
Army MSG Julian Ingles Rios, 52, of Anasco, PR
Army SPC Braden J Long, 19, of Sherman, TX
Air Force TSgt Joey D Link, 29, of Portland, TN
Marine LCpl Cristian Vasquez, 20, of Coalinga, CA
Army SGT Dustin S Wakeman, 25, of Fort Worth, TX
Army CPL Jason K Lafleur, 28, of Ignacio, CO
Army PFC Jaron D Holliday, 21, of Tulsa, OK
Army PFC Matthew M Murchison, 21, of Independence, MO
Army SPC Charles E Leonard Jr, 29, of Monroe, LA
Army SGT Bradley W Marshall, 37, of Little Rock, AR
Army SPC Daniel F Reyes, 24, of San Diego, CA
Army SFC Travis S Bachman, 30, of Garden City, KS
Army SPC Christopher T Neiberger, 22, of Gainesville, FL
Marine Sgt Jon E Bonnell Jr, 22, of Fort Dodge, IA
Army SPC Justin R Blackwell, 27, of Paris, TN
Army PVT Jeremy S Bohannon, 18, of Bon Aqua, TN
Army SSG Jacob M Thompson, 26, of North Mankato, MN
Army SGT Nicholas A Gummersall, 23, of Chubbuck, ID
Army CPL Juan M Alcantara, 22, of New York
Army SPC Kareem R Khan, 20, of Manahawkin, NJ
Army SPC Donald M Young, 19, of Helena, MT
Marine Cpl Reynold Armand, 21, of Rochester, NY