Passenger Arrested for Air Rage

S A N   F R A N C I S C O, Aug. 18, 2000 -- A Hungarian man who allegedly punched a flight attendant after the crew refused to serve him more drinks on a transatlantic flight was arrested in San Francisco, officials announced.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation said Hungarian national Peter Budavari, 34, was taken into custody following the arrival on Wednesday of Air France Flight 84 from Paris. He was charged with assaulting a flight crew member and is free on bail pending trial.

According to officials, nearby passengers alerted the crew midway through the flight that Budavari appeared to be intoxicated, agitated and potentially violent. Witnesses said he was repeatedly punching the seat in front of him and striking out at other passengers.

After the crew stopped serving him drinks, Budavari allegedly hit a flight attendant as well as a fellow passenger who attempted to calm him down, officials said.

The crew eventually managed to force Budavari back in his seat where he remained under constant watch for the remainder of the flight.

Shortly before landing Budavari appeared to fall asleep, but was unconscious when officers took custody of him at San Francisco International Airport, officials said. Authorities arrested Budavari after he had been treated at a local hospital.