Watch Delta's '80s-Themed Safety Video

VIDEO: Hair scrunchies, leg warmers and Teddy Ruxpin are all part of this in-flight video.
WATCH Delta's New Safety Video Heads to the 1980s

Delta Air Lines really wants you to watch its in-flight safety videos.

That's why the airline regularly creates new, amusing versions of the same old boring safety videos you stopped paying attention to years ago. Remember 'Deltalina,' which featured a sexier-than-average flight attendant.

The latest is an '80s-themed video featuring Kareem Abdul Jabaar, Teddy Ruxpin and Alf, who needs help putting on his oxygen mask. The new safety video will debut Thursday.

Delta's video pokes fun at the decade and the technology of the age. Among the electronic devices not allowed in-flight? A boom box, a fax machine, a car phone and Atari. And when the flight attendant confirms that the plane has Wifi, the passengers appear confused. Watch out for the subtle '80s references like jelly bracelets, a Rubix cube and leg warmers.

Getting creative with in-flight safety videos is a trend that several airlines have adopted. In October, Air New Zealand debuted a video starring Betty White. That same month, Virgin America wowed with a rapping, dancing safety message.