3 Ways to Possibly Save on Spring Break Tickets

FareCompare shares some helpful hints on saving money.

ByABC News
February 18, 2016, 4:23 PM

— -- If you’re planning to buy plane tickets to a fun spring break destination, you may want to consider these potentially money-saving tips from FareCompare.

The company analyzed popular spring break destinations and says that travelers who purchase their airfare this week could save up to 30 percent on their tickets.

FareCompare suggests three easy ways that may save you cash:

1. Avoid flying on weekends

It stinks to book shorter vacations, but departing on a Tuesday instead of a Sunday could save you cash you could otherwise spend at your resort. For example a Sunday-through-Sunday flight from Dallas to Orlando in February could cost $250, while a Tuesday-Saturday flight during the same time period would cost $89. So take off a few days later, and use those extra days to pack and do laundry!

2. Consider stops along your route

While it may be annoying not to fly direct, it may save you money -- hundreds in some cases -- if you add a quick stop, the company says. So consider booking through a fun airport like Atlanta and use the extra time there to shop and eat!

3. Compare airline fees (or lack thereof)

Before you click "Book" on your flight, look at the fine print for the airlines. For example, while a NYC to Miami flight with one airline may cost $225, that includes the cost of 1 bag, while that same flight with another airline costs $258 ($198 base fare and $30 bag fee each way), the company says.