See an Adorable Polar Bear Cub Dream as It Slumbers at an Ohio Zoo

The 5-week-old cub began to open her eyes Friday.

— -- A sleeping polar bear cub at an Ohio zoo was caught apparently dreaming and the zoo got the adorable slumber on video.

In the video, the cub is seen cuddling a stuffed animal, stretching out her paws and sticking out her tongue as she switches between sleeping belly-up, belly-down and on her side. She can also be heard making a noise, which “is a sound of contentment, much like the purring of a cat,” Columbus Zoo and Aquarium spokeswoman Jennifer Wilson told ABC News today.

The 5-week-old cub was born at the Columbus Zoo in Powell Nov. 6 to a polar bear named Aurora and was under her mother’s care in the den until the staff decided to raise the cub themselves, Wilson said.