Alaska Human Remains Point to Family Missing for 10 Months

The family of four, and their dog, went missing in May without a trace.

LOS ANGELES— -- Human remains and clothing discovered on a trail near Kenai, Alaska, Saturday night may be linked to a family of four who went missing less than a year ago, according to the Kenai Police Department.

"Officers responded to the scene, which is in the area between Alpine Drive and Borgen Avenue where they located the clothing and human remains," officials told ABC News.

Alaska Family Vanishes Amid Mom’s Strange Behavior

Kenai police say Rebecca Adams, 23, Brandon Jividen, 38, and Adams' children, Jaracca Hundley, 3, and Michelle Hundley, 6, along with the family dog, Sparks, were reported missing in May 2014.

Police also said items observed at the scene seem to match those identified as missing from the family residence. "A very preliminary scene assessment has revealed information that points to the Kenai family that turned up missing in May of 2014," officials said in the statement.

But Kenai police still need to conduct a complete scene investigation in order to make positive identifications from the remains.

The FBI, which has been assisting with the case from the beginning, is sending an evidence response team to assist its investigators with the comprehensive scene investigation, officials said.

The weekend discovery came as a disappointment to family relatives. “We had that glimmer of hope all year long," Dennis Gifford, the children’s uncle, told ABC News, "and now with this news it’s all gone."