April the giraffe gives birth before online audience

Adventure Park's YouTube streaming of the giraffe captured the birth live.

A zoo spokesperson announced Saturday morning that April, who has been pregnant for 16 months, was now in "active labor" and the zoo's team was assembling to assist in the long-awaited birth.

Well over a million people watched the zoo's live-stream as April gave birth to the baby giraffe.

Watch the zoo's livestream here:

The calf's front hooves appeared first followed by the snout Saturday morning, an indication that the birth was imminent. April pushed the baby out before 10 a.m. ET.

The baby giraffe is expected to weigh about 150 pounds and be about 6 feet tall. Once the calf is born, the Animal Adventure Park plans to hold a contest to name it.

This is April's fourth calf. She has never lost a baby nor had a stillborn, according to the zoo.