CEO Arrested in Texas on Pimping Charges

Texas authorities arrested Carl Ferrer today.

— -- Texas authorities arrested Carl Ferrer, the CEO of, today as part of a joint sex trafficking investigation with the California District Attorney’s office.

Ferrer, who is based in Dallas, is facing pimping and related charges in California. The joint investigation says it has uncovered evidence that adult and child sex trafficking victims were forced into prostitution through escort ads that appeared repeatedly on

The site is also being investigated by the U.S. Senate for its alleged connection to underage sex trafficking.

“Nightline” has done extensive reporting on, including a report in May 2016 about a young woman who was sold for sex allegedly through the website and estimated she was paid for sex over 100 times. The young woman, who is part of a major lawsuit against, believes the site made it possible for her pimp to post ads offering her for sex over and over again.

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