Bronx hospital gunman sent email to newspaper before shooting

Dr. Henry Bello talked about having his path to licensure blocked.

July 01, 2017, 8:02 AM

— -- The doctor accused of opening fire with an assault weapon at his former workplace in New York City, killing one and injuring several others, wrote an email to a newspaper ahead of the rampage, according to the publication.

Dr. Henry Bello -- who police sources say unleashed a hail of bullets from an AR-15 that was hidden under his lab coat before taking his own life -- complained in the note about having his bid to obtain a medical license shut down, according to the New York Daily News.

“This hospital terminated my road to a licensure to practice medicine,” Bello wrote in the email, just hours before the Friday shooting at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital, according to the News. “First, I was told it was because I always kept to myself. Then it was because of an altercation with a nurse.”

"Then I was told, it was because I threatened a colleague."

In the note, Bello appears to blame a specific doctor for blocking his progress and wasting some $400,000 of his money.

Bello resigned from the hospital in 2015 amid sexual harassment allegations. Police sources also said Bello had a 2004 sex abuse arrest. He pleaded guilty to unlawful imprisonment and was sentenced to community service, according to the sources.

Bello had been working at Bronx-Lebanon on a limited state-issued permit.

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