1st cannabis cafe in the US opens in Los Angeles

Lowell Farms is the first U.S. restaurant and lounge for cannabis consumption.

Lowell Farms Cafe is officially open for canna-business!

The organic cannabis cafe off La Brea Avenue in West Hollywood, California, is the first place in the country where customers can legally eat, drink and smoke cannabis.

The establishment said to think of it as "a fresh concept blending a cafe and dispensary," with a farm-to-table approach, using local purveyors and local growers.

When customers walk in to the first-of-its-kind establishment, they are greeted by a "Flower Host" who acts as a guide to help them find the right cannabis or vapes.

Bianca Blanche was a "bud-tender" at a dispensary in West Hollywood for the past four years and said her job now as the Flower Host is to "match you to your ideal product and effect based off of the sensation you're looking to feel."

For example, with a plate of shareable vegan nachos, Blanche would recommend the super sour diesel "which is a sativa strain, it's very active, very social, very focused."

"I feel like if you're in a group setting and sharing nachos that's probably how you'd want to feel," Blanche said.

There's also an entire menu made to be paired with the cafe's array of cannabis offerings.

Executive chef Andrea Drummer, a highly praised cannabis chef in Los Angeles who has curated countless high-end cannabis-infused dishes since 2012, is at the helm of the fare served at Lowell Farms.

"She’s fashioned a unique menu of healthy, flavorful, non-infused dishes complementary to our cannabis offerings," the website explained.

Drummer believes in normalizing the conversation around cannabis consumption, treating it like ordering a drink at a restaurant.

Emphasizing the importance "to host this in a safe space where consumers of like mind can come and enjoy a great meal and we just replace wine with weed," Drummer told ABC News.

Lowell Cafe allows guests to bring their own cannabis for a $20 "tokage" fee, similar to diners who bring their own bottles of wine to a restaurant and pay a corkage fee.

The lounge style atmosphere is appointed with earthy vibes, cozy cognac leather booths, lofted ceilings, rustic wooden beams draped with greenery and a living wall. There is additional outdoor patio section with continued earth tones, warm overhead globe lights and plenty more greenery and trees.

Justin Tanga, a West Hollywood local, was the first in line waiting for the cafe's opening this morning. He was excited to experience food with a professional pairing for cannabis.

"For me, cannabis is the next level to food," Tanga told ABC News.

For others "It's about breaking the stigma of cannabis consumption and show this can be done in a classy manner, in safe manner," said Neil Omega, another customer at the cafe.

The new eatery and lounge will also look to attract clientele from out of state, where recreational cannabis use is not yet legal.

"Our cafe offers tourists and locals the opportunity to experience cannabis in a sociable, restaurant-style atmosphere. There hasn’t been anything like this in existence for over 100 years, dating back to pre-prohibition era cannabis tea pads," the cafe said on its site. "We’re excited to set the standard on what a US-based cannabis cafe is, and share this rare experience with our like-minded (and inquisitive) cannabis community."

The cafe has the same requirements as a Californian dispensary, so patrons who plan to visit must bring a government issued I.D. and cash for all cannabis purchases.

While reservations are not required, they are encouraged and can be made up to 30 days in advance by phone or online.

Lowell Cafe serves farm fresh food, coffee, juice and cannabis daily from noon - 10 p.m.