Dad and daughter team up to chase robbers away from family store in Boston

The bat-wielding dad answered his daughter's call for help.

Dawn Morris was making Polish donuts on Saturday morning at her family's market in Boston when two robbers attempted to steal cigarettes and scratch tickets.

"I heard a bang and knew it wasn’t bread delivery because I heard multiple bangs and saw a guy kicking our door in," Morris said.

Surveillance video showed her pulling the panic button and, within 90 seconds, her dad Danny Morris was there to chase the robbers from the market.

The video then captured a pickup truck, horn blaring, stopping in front of the market as Danny Morris, who owns DJ's Market, ran after them with a baseball bat.

"I didn’t even realize that I was going at them, all I was thinking was that something may have happened to my daughter," he said.

The dad appeared to chase after one robber, while his daughter was seen directing Boston EMS workers to the other robber, Thien Nguyen, 39, who was arraigned in South Boston District Court on Monday.

According to police, after Nguyen fell from his bicycle EMS workers were able to detain him until police arrived.

"We’ve been robbed before. So this time, to actually have one of them caught, it feels so much better," said Dawn Morris. "I was scared to death, I scared my parents half to death. We lucked out –- my dad was here within seconds, the EMT was down the street patrolling –- it all worked out in our favor."