Dog on the Run for 3 Years Finally Caught by New Hampshire Couple

They've temporarily named the elusive dog "Houdini."

Locals Tiffany Bennett and her boyfriend, Courtney Davis, were able to catch the female black Labrador mix with the help of two friends while the dog was trying to swim in more than 40 inches of snow, Bennett told ABC News today.

The cute canine, who they've nicknamed Houdini, is currently in their care at a friend's heated garage, Bennett said.

The Troy community has been trying to help find Houdini after local rescue group, Granite State Dog Recovery, was given a tip a black lab mix had been seen in the area since April 2012, Holly Mockrzecki told ABC News today. Mockrzecki is the president and founder of Granite State Dog Recovery.

"The dog was in what we call survival mode, which made her so difficult to catch," Mockrzecki added. "Survival mode means you can get within 10 feet of the dog, but when you try to call it, it bolts because it's started thinking humans are predators."

An unregistered microchip was found in Houdini, and the manufacturer was able to find the rescue group the dog originally came from, Bennett said.

The man reported the dog missing after two days, Bennett said.

Unfortunately, the man said he does not want the dog back, Mockrzecki said.

Houdini will be going to Fast Friends Greyhound Rescue in Swanzey, New Hampshire, where she will be given care and treatment and then be put up for adoption, Bennett added.

Bennett, who owns 13 dogs, said she wishes the best for Houdini and hopes she gets adopted by someone who will support her athletic needs since she's a fast runner.

She has created a Facebook page to tell Houdini's survival story and keep people updated.

"I hope she gets the loving family she deserves," Bennett said. "She can be someone's new best friend. She's very precious."

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