Dognappers Threaten to Torture Jaggar If They Don't Get Ransom

VIDEO: Disabled Washington state woman receives texts demanding cash and
WATCH Stolen Dog Held for Ransom

A chubby English bulldog named Jaggar is the subject of a police dragnet after its owner claimed her pet was dogknapped and is being held for ransom.

Jennifer Thomas of Woodland, Wash., said Jaggar's captors have demanded a $1,000 ransom and her prescription pain pills. They also demanded that no cops be involved.

Chief Deputy Corey Huffine confirmed a dogknapping report was filed and the investigation is underway.

"Ms. Thomas notified the sheriff's office and an investigation is ongoing for theft and extortion," Huffine said. "We have tips and leads. Every possible measure is being taken to locate Jaggar."

The dog vanished on Oct. 4 and shortly after Thomas began receiving threatening text messages similar to those you find in a Hollywood movie.

"The first one was, 'I'm the call you have been waiting for, do exactly as I say and your dog won't be hurt,'" Thomas said.

Thomas frantically texted back, trying to get more information and comply with the demands. The text messages escalated, culminating with one claiming, "I'm not playing a game here, we are doing it my way not your way… If you don't do exactly as you're told the next few messages will be of your friend slowly getting tortured to death."

Thomas suspects a couple who was at her house the day she noticed Jaggar was no longer by her side. She saw the couple outside her home in the driveway.

Thomas says she no longer feels safe staying in her own home, and her husband doesn't feel comfortable leaving her and her daughter alone to go to work.

Thomas, who is confined to a wheelchair because one of her legs is paralyzed, cried as she contemplated what would happen to Jaggar if she didn't get him back. She told ABC News affiliated KATU in Portland, Ore., that she doesn't think they are feeding Jaggar or treating him properly.

"I wasn't even a dog lover before this. I was mad at my husband when he brought Jaggar home" two years ago, Thomas said.

Thomas now says it feels like she has lost a family member.

"I fell in love with him. I want my baby back," she said.