Dramatic video shows U-Haul slam into 2 firefighters responding to car crash

The firefighters survived the incident with bruises, but avoided serious injury.

Two firefighters are counting their blessings after a recent close call.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol and Department of Public Safety released terrifying footage on Tuesday of a U-Haul that slammed into two men in Stringtown as a stark reminder for drivers to slow down -- especially when the roads are slick and flashing lights are visible.

"This is a graphic reminder to slow down when streets are slick," the agencies tweeted. "This is from a wreck we worked several weeks ago. The 2 men hit are Stringtown firefighters and this video came from the Stringtown police chief. Both men are ok - no broken bones."

The dramatic video shows two firefighters responding to a car crash standing in the grass on the side of the road.

Dash camera footage shows the SUV with a U-Haul trailer swerving uncontrollably before slamming into the two men and knocking them to the ground.

The firefighters avoided serious injury in the incident with only bumps and bruises, according to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.