George Zimmerman Anonymous Jurors Remaining Secret

Court warns media that jurors' names have been sealed.

ByABC News
July 14, 2013, 10:48 AM

July 14, 2013— -- In the aftermath of the George Zimmerman verdict everyone was heard from either by news conference, television interview or by tweet -- except the jurors.

The identities of the six women who decided that Zimmerman was innocent of murder and manslaughter in the death of Trayvon Martin were sealed at the start of the racially charged trial and the court and the sheriff reminded the media after the trial that the court order is still in effect.

The roll call of the jurors sounds like a moment from a Bingo game -- B76, B37, E6, B29, E40 and B51. And during the trial the camera in the courtroom was careful to never show their faces.

There is no indication that the women will explain their verdict in public any time soon.

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"Jurors were given packets of letters from the media containing interview requests. They expressed no interest at this time," the court spokeswoman tweeted out today.

The court also tweeted a warning shortly after the verdict was announced, saying, "Any attempt to identify jurors is a violation of the current order."

Read the Judge's Instructions to the Jury

The warning was bolstered by a release from the Seminole County Sheriff's office reminding the media that the identities of the jurors "remain protected by order of the court."

"The media should not, at any time, attempt to video and/or broadcast the jurors, the transport or personal vehicles used, or any locations/venues where the jurors may be staying or visiting," the sheriff's office stated. "Any media currently at locations where they believe jurors could be located should depart the area immediately."

The women who sat through the nearly month-long trial ranged in age from womenin their early 30s to women in their 60s. Four of the women either have experience with guns or relatives who are gun owners. Two of them share a passion for rescuing animals. Five of them are white and the sixth is a minority, believed to be Hispanic. Five of them were mothers.