Girl Gets Trapped Inside a Claw Machine After a Double Dog Dare

The Texas girl got stuck inside the machine after a dare from other kids.

Cecilia Green, 45, and her family had just finished a day of swimming when they decided to dine at a CiCi’s Pizza in Frisco, Texas, on Monday night with family friends, Green told ABC News today.

Green’s two daughters, Juliette Grimes, 6, and Katy Grimes, 8, went to play in a separate game room with the other couples’ two children while the adults watched from a restaurant table.

“It’s not like a Chuck E. Cheese’s where games are all over the place,” Green said. “There are seven games in the [game] room and one doorway that is an entrance and exit. We were facing a window where we could see in the game room the whole time.”

At one point, Juliette was no longer in sight and Katy came out of the game room to tell her parents that Juliette was stuck in a machine.

“We didn’t know what the deal was. We thought she stuck her hand up in the machine,” Green said. “My husband and I go in there and there she was, standing up in the middle of the machine and very upset.”

The other three children, including Katy, had double dog dared Juliette to see if she could fit in the machine, but Juliette also wanted to get her sister a ball from the claw game, Green said.

Both families and the restaurant staff attempted to get Juliette out of the claw machine for about 20 minutes, but in the end they called the Frisco Fire Department.

“She was not suffocating. We were talking to her the whole time, ‘Can you breathe? Are you hot in there?’ She was not in any imminent danger,” Green said.

Frisco firefighters arrived quickly and rescued Juliette in about 10 minutes by opening the front glass door forward, Green said.

The two sisters are now grounded after Monday’s incident, Green said.

“They haven’t seen any news. They are not allowed to use the TV or any other electronics,” Green said.