Great Dane gives birth to 'never-ending puppies,' 19 to be exact

The average Great Dane litter is 10 puppies.

Cleo, a Great Dane in Arizona, was said to be doing well Monday after giving birth to 19 -- yes, 19 -- puppies over the weekend.

Doctors at the Kingman Animal Hospital in Kingman, Arizona, helped Cleo deliver the 19 puppies by cesarean section.

All the puppies were doing well, too, and are bottle feeding every three hours.

Delivering that many puppies requires a team effort, the hospital staff said.

“We had eleven people working to wake up the puppies once they came out,” said staffer Cassie Mceuen.

“On average this breed will deliver no more than ten puppies at a time,” said Dr. Erika Agone, the surgeon who performed the delivery. “So, in this case, it was like double, which is why Cleo had to come in to give birth. It was like never-ending puppies”.