History of hurricanes in Texas, by the numbers

Hurricane Harvey is far from the first to potentially wreak havoc.

ByABC News
August 25, 2017, 4:53 PM

— -- Hurricane Harvey is set to bear down on Texas, and is expected to bring with it a massive storm surge, torrential rains and lashing winds, according to forecasters.

The damage the storm causes remains to be seen, but the Lone Star State is no stranger to powerful tempests.

Here are some important numbers and facts about the history of hurricanes in Texas, according to the National Weather Service.

The number of hurricanes to hit Texas since the 1850s: at least 64

When was the last major hurricane that was Category 3 or stronger, to hit Texas: Hurricane Bret in 1999

When was the most recent hurricane of any sizable strength to hit Texas: Hurricane Ike in 2008

What month is the most frequent time for hurricanes in Texas: August, though they have hit anytime between June 2 and Nov. 5

How many people who died in the deadliest hurricane to have hit Texas, which happened in September 1900 in Galveston: 8,000 people

What was the deadliest hurricane to hit Texas in the past 50 years: Hurricane Beulah that made landfall in Brownsville in September 1967, when 15 people died

How often hurricanes hit any 50-mile stretch of Texas coastline: one time in about every 6 years

What is the average annual occurrence of a tropical storm or hurricane in Texas: 0.8, which the National Weather Service equates to three for every four years

When was the longest hurricane-free stretch of time in Texas: From October 1989 and August 1999

When was the earliest-recorded hurricane near Texas: The National Weather Service cites a deadly storm off Galveston Island in 1527, though the earliest known hurricane is dated back to 1590 when more than 1,000 people died on ships in the Gulf of Mexico

How many days between the end of Hurricane Katrina and the start of Hurricane Rita, which hit southeast Texas and southwest Louisiana: 22 days

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