Man robbed at gunpoint by dating app woman's associates at end of date

The two agreed to meet up and go to a casino at 2 a.m. for their first date.

November 23, 2019, 5:36 AM

A California man on a first date with a woman he met on an online dating app was robbed at gunpoint by her associates as their date concluded.

The unidentified man arranged to meet Shalena Lopez, 31, at 2:00 a.m. on Thursday morning after meeting her on a dating application called “Meet Me” and go to a casino together for their first date, according to ABC News’ Fresno station KFSN.

The two went to Eagle Mountain Casino in Porterville, California and were joined by Lopez’s alleged family member Mario Garcia, 39. The three of them then allegedly ran into another friend while at the casino, 27-year-old Cesar Cameron Domingo Jr., who then joined the group.

On the drive home, however, the victim said he heard a gunshot before he realized that he was being held at gunpoint by one of the men in the car. He was then told to drive to a nearby ATM to withdraw money from his account and to handover all of the valuables that he had on him at the time.

The victim then dropped the others off and was allowed to leave. Shortly after he alerted the Tulare County Police Department about what had happened.

Police later arrested Lopez and Garcia who were booked into the South County Justice Center in Porterville. Domingo Jr. is still on the run from authorities