Mega Millions 'Winner' Has Press Conference to Tell Reporters to 'Go Home'

PHOTO: Merlande Wilson speaks to the media from the door of her Baltimore, MD, home, April 2. 2012.PlayABC
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The Baltimore woman who claims she bought one of the three winning Mega Millions tickets had a news conference today, showed up late and then had her lawyer tell the reporters to "go home."

Mirlande Wilson, 37, and the mother of seven, is the only person so far to tentatively make a claim for a share of the $656 million jackpot. But she has also raised eyebrows by repeatedly saying she has to find her ticket -- something most people would be safeguarding.

Wilson's lawyer, Edward Smith, said he cannot vouch for the ticket.

"I have not seen it and in fact I don't think I want to see it until the lottery people have it in their hot little hands," Smith said.

Wilson showed up late for a new conference called by her lawyer and sat slouched in a chair behind Smith. She muttered and often shook or nodded her head depending on the question. She played on her cell phone and often stared down to the ground.

When the news conference finally began, the lawyer told the press that they "should all go home." Smith said there was legal work to do and he wanted things to settle down.

Wilson, who works at a McDonald's restaurant, has said that she is still trying to find her ticket and at another point suggested she has hidden it somewhere in the restaurant.

The possibility that she has won the bonanza -- her share of a one-time payment would be $157.8 million -- has prompted some of her co-workers to claim that they deserve a share of the money because they bought the tickets together.

Smith would not address the claims by Wilson's co-workers.

The focus on the restaurant has prompted McDonalds to add two security guards to the store.

The other two winners bought their tickets in Illinois and Kansas.