Military Blimp That Broke Free Touches Down in Pennsylvania

The blimp has reportedly touched down in Pennsylvania.

— -- The military blimp that broke free from its tethering in Maryland has touched down in Pennsylvania after floating for hours and sending fighter jets scrambling to track it, authorities said.

No further details about how the blimp landed have been released, but NORAD spokesman Capt. Scott Miller confirmed that the blimp was on the ground in Montour County.

The blimp floated freely for roughly four hours, during which time fighter jets were scrambled to follow its movements, according to officials.

A fire department in Maryland first reported that the Aberdeen Blimp became untethered just before noon today. It has passed Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and was flying towards the northeast at 15,000 feet, officials said.

"Emergency personnel are tracking the aerostat which is still aloft in [sic] moving toward Pennsylvania," according to the Aberdeen Proving Ground, the U.S. Army facility.