There's no pickup truck emoji. Ford wants to change that

The emoji could be available by next year.

Ford Motor Company announced Wednesday that it submitted a proposal for a new pickup truck emoji in May of last year, which is now on a short list being approved by 2020.

"There are 12 trains, but there is no pickup truck. Or there are two camels but there’s no pickup truck," Grenier told ABC News. "There was a need. A lot of people were shocked it didn’t exist."

"We saw an opportunity," said Grenier, of Ford's decision to create the emoji.

The pickup truck emoji is a blue-colored, left-facing vehicle.

Last year, Ford sold more than 1 million F-series trucks globally, according to the company.

There are no guarantees that the new pickup truck emoji will translate the same way on different platforms, and it may look slightly different on each one.

The emoji’s strengths is its universality, according to Grenier.

"It’s not urban, it’s not rural, it’s ageless, genderless and everybody can use it," he said. "I’m giving them the proper vehicle to do their job."

ABC News’ David Kerley and Christine Szabo contributed to this story.