Police video shows violent car chase in Los Angeles

A suspect pointed a shotgun out of the car and began to shoot at the officers.

Newly released police footage shows a car chase with a suspect that turns violent as it breaks into a shootout.

The dash camera and body camera footage shows two Los Angeles police officers who started following a stolen Honda, according to commander Alan Hamilton from the LAPD's force investigation division.

The incident started just before midnight on May 20 and into the start of May 21 but the footage was just released by the LAPD on July 3.

Once the suspects in the car realized the officers were following them, they sped up and tried to flee, police said.

In the video, the car is seen speeding ahead of officers and barreling through several stop signs.

A suspect in the passenger side of the car pointed a shotgun out of the car and began to shoot at the officers. The suspect in the passenger seat is later identified by police as 24-year-old Andrew Guerrero. Several gunshots are heard in the video.

One of the officers then begins to shoot back at the suspect, first with a handgun and then with the police shotgun.

Video from the police body camera footage shows an officer firing back with a handgun as the police car then collides with a curb and another car. The officers were not injured by either the collision or gunshots.

Officers eventually found the stolen vehicle abandoned but later located Guerrero and Daniel Salinas, the 29 year old accused of driving the car, in the area of the vehicle.

Hamilton said that both Salinas and Guerrero are documented gang members.

Both have been charged with felony counts of attempted murder on an officer and assault withe deadly weapon, as well as shooting at an occupied vehicle and possession of a firearm. Salinas, who was treated for superficial gunshot injuries, was also charged with driving a stolen vehicle and a felony count of evading a police officer.

Salinas and Guerrero have pleaded not guilty to all of the charges, according to the L.A. County Superior Court website.