Severe storms bring golf-ball-size hail to Texas

Severe storm brought large hail to parts of northern Texas on Sunday.

March 27, 2017, 6:11 AM

— -- A severe storm brought gigantic hail to parts of Oklahoma and Texas on Sunday.

The storm also delivered heavy rain and winds as strong as 65 miles per hour in some areas in the Southern Plains.

Social media users posted images of shattered car windows and comparisons of the hail next to oranges and golf balls.

Reports of the largest hailstones were from Denton, Texas, where residents reported softball-size hail, about 4.25 inches in diameter.

There were 70 reports of severe weather on Sunday, with about 57 hail reports across the Southern Plains.

The storm is moving east toward the Mississippi River Valley. An area from Mississippi state to Indiana will be at an enhanced risk for severe storms on Monday, with very large hail and damaging winds possible.

ABC News' Daniel Manzo contributed to this report.

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