Shania Twain Announces Farewell Tour

The country-pop superstar will kick off her farewell tour in June 2015.

— -- Man, she feels like a woman ready to go on a farewell tour.

"I'm finally, after 11 years, I'm going back on tour," the "Man! I Feel Like a Woman" singer said today on "Good Morning America."

"It's the after-party tour. That's how I see it," Twain said. "It's the after-party to all of these years."

Twain says the tour will be her last.

"This is a very, very important time on the road for me," Twain said. "I just feel like I'm ready to hang my hat up in that regard. I just really want to go out with a bang."

"They were just so encouraging and basically told me to get over it," Twain said. "[They said] 'Get back on the microphone. You can do it.' And they were right."

"I just needed courage, is what I really needed," she said.

Not only can people expect a whole different show from what she did in Las Vegas when she hits the road for "Rock This Country," Twain said, but fans, as always, will be an integral part of the new show.

"I look to others for more strength, Twain said. "I look for the courage in others and then I find mine.

"I think that's why I love being with the fans," she said. "I love getting out into the audience. I like hearing their stories. I like talking to them during the show."

Twain's 1997 album, "Come on Over," remains the bestselling album ever by a woman and the bestselling country album of all time. The good news for any of Twain's fans disappointed that this tour will be her last is that after the tour will come a new album.

"I want it to come out when I'm 50, so it will happen," said Twain, who will mark the big 5-0 in August. "I'm on the microphone every day recording stuff.

"I want to just enjoy that party, that celebration party, and then I'll get back to the record," she said of the tour.

Tickets for the "Rock This Country" tour will go on sale to Twain's fans on Tuesday, March 10, and to the general public on Friday, March 13.