Stripper and Ex-Con Caught After Shootout, Chase

S A N  F R A N C I S C O, Oct. 18, 2000 -- An ex-convict and a strip-club dancer

suspected in slayings in Texas and Indiana were arrested after a

shootout and chase through downtown San Francisco during the

evening rush hour.

The dancer, Tessie McFarland, 21, was shot in the throat and hospitalized in stable condition, police said. One officer was slightly wounded by flying glass.

The chase began Tuesday after police flagged a pickup truck driven by ex-convict Joshua Maxwell, 22, after he ran a red light. The chase continued for eight blocks.

The truck had been stolen from a San Antonio deputy sheriff found dead last week, police said. Several of the deputy’s guns were also stolen.

Suspected in Indianapolis MurderIn Indiana, the pair were sought in connection with the slaying of a man who was shot, strangled and left in the trunk of his burning car near the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Sept 12.

Police said Maxwell and McFarland, of Speedway, Ind., abducted the man from his home, then forced him to take them on a shopping spree.

The car in which the pair allegedly fled Indiana turned up abandoned in Texas.

The pair were being held in San Francisco on charges of attempted murder of a police officer, authorities there said.

Maxwell was recently released from prison, Speedway police said. Further details about his conviction weren’t immediately available.