Tornadoes Touch Down in Midwest Again; SD Town Mauled

Twin twisters bring added concern for the region.

ByABC News
June 19, 2014, 3:40 AM

— -- For the third night in a row, tornadoes menaced the Midwest – including another set of twin twisters that touched down in South Dakota, leaving a trail of destruction and injuring at least two people.

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The twin twisters were spotted rotating around the community of Crow Lake, South Dakota.

Another tornado touched down in Wessington Springs, sending sparks flying as it struck transformers and power substations. That tornado tore through local businesses, destroying the American Legion, a bar and a car dealership. Several farms were also damaged, and about a dozen homes were destroyed, ABC affiliate KSFY reports.

Gov. Dennis Daugaard issued a statement saying that he deployed 100 South Dakota National Guard soldiers and equipment to Wessington Springs. Daugaard arrived in the 1,000-population town, which is about 125 miles northwest of Sioux Falls, late Wednesday.

Many of the displaced families spent the night with relatives or other members of the community.

Father Jim Friedrich said the Catholic church in town was not affected by the tornado. He said people in the community are thankful that nobody was seriously injured.

"We do see our blessings right away," said Friedrich, who's been preaching at St. Joseph's Catholic Church for eight years. "It was very serious damage. What it hit, it hit very hardly. That's just why we are thankful that there was good warning."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.