Tamala Edwards

— -- Tamala Edwards joined ABCNEWS as a White House correspondent in August 2001.

She is based in the network's Washington bureau, covering the Bush administration for Good Morning America and other ABCNEWS programs.

Edwards joined ABCNEWS from Time magazine, where she was a New York-based writer, covering politics, society and breaking news. During the 2000 presidential election, she covered Vice President Al Gore's campaign and former New Jersey Sen. Bill Bradley's campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination. She was a panelist in the Apollo Theatre debate in New York between Gore and Bradley, and Edwards also participated in MTV's Choose or Lose broadcasts.

Edwards previously served as a correspondent in the Washington bureau of Time from 1995-1997, where she covered Congress and Bob Dole's 1996 presidential campaign. Before coming to Washington in 1995, Edwards worked for two years as a Time reporter in New York covering international news.

Edwards has written on a diverse number of topics including House and Senate races, the Reform Party, the fight over school funding in Vermont, and other highly charged political issues. She has covered the business boom of college preparation, the growing importance of women in philanthropy, the Supreme Court case of student-to-student sexual harassment and the public debate over books on topics like modesty, race and mental illness. She has written dispatches from the presidential campaign trail and articles on the passage of the historic balanced budget and tax-cut bill, the stripping of home rule from the District of Columbia, and an account of former Chinese first lady Madame Chang's return to Washington.

While in New York at Time International from 1993-1995, she covered global issues from the reclamation of an ancient Jewish text in Bosnia to the international expansion of MTV News to an international art-world ruckus over a group of Canadian prehistoric figurines.

The Education Writers Association awarded Edwards first prize for her contribution to Time's 1999 cover story, "What Makes a Good School." In its August 2000 issue, Vogue magazine named her a journalist for "The Next Establishment," and in November 2000, she was featured in Folio magazine's "30 Under 30" list.

Born in Georgia and raised in Texas, Edwards graduated from Stanford University with an honors bachelor of arts degree in international relations.