Turtle Crashes Through Woman's Windshield on Florida Interstate

Miraculously, they both walked away mostly unscathed.

ByABC News
May 13, 2016, 1:44 PM

— -- One woman got the shock of a lifetime after a turtle crashed through her windshield on a Florida highway.

The turtle was propelled through the air on I-4 in Deltona and crashed into Nicole Bjanes’ windshield as she was driving at about 75 miles an hour on Monday afternoon. Miraculously, the turtle and the driver both walked -- and, in one case, swam -- away mostly unscathed.

Florida Highway Patrol officers responding to the scene explained, “A vehicle in front [of Bjanes’ car] ran over the turtle. The turtle was thrown airborne and struck the windshield ... shattering it.”

PHOTO: Turtle crashes into Fla. windshield.
Turtle crashes into Fla. windshield.

Bjanes said she saw the debris in the road, but did not realize it was actually a turtle. The reptile came flying through her windshield, bounced off the passenger seat, and then landed on her dashboard. She was treated at the scene for minor cuts by EMS.

In a Facebook post, a shell-shocked Bjanes wrote that despite wanting to keep her new, albeit unexpected, friend, “The turtle was okay and we put it back in the water.”

According to FHP Sgt. Kim Montes, the turtle was placed in a pond adjacent to the interstate and swam away unharmed.

The car's windshield has since been fixed as well.