'What Would You Do?' Recap: Married Man Cheats With Gay Lover, Black Customer Profiled in High-End Store

A recap of this week's episode of "What Would You Do?" with ABC's John Quiñones.

— -- Here is a recap of this week's episode of "What Would You Do?" with ABC's John Quiñones.

What Would You Do: Married Man Has Affair With Gay Lover While on Date With His Wife

A married couple is having lunch, celebrating their anniversary. They seem like they’re in love, they’re talking about their young daughter, etc. But the husband keeps getting distracted by the texts on his phone.

When the wife goes to the bathroom, in comes another man who kisses her husband on the lips! “What are you doing? You can’t be here right now,” the husband says.

It’s obvious he’s cheating on his wife with another man. “I had to see you. Are you going to tell her tonight or what? I love you,” the man says.

The husband tells his boyfriend to leave before his wife returns. Will customers try to warn the wife when she comes back? If the husband is left alone, what will they tell him? Watch what happens:

What Would You Do: Parents Disapprove of Daughter's Boyfriend Who Uses a Wheelchair

A woman’s parents are visiting from out of town and she is ready to introduce them to the man she has been dating for months. She’s picked a busy restaurant. She is excited but nervous. As the group waits for the boyfriend to arrive, she tells them all about him (job, background, etc.).

But she doesn’t mention one thing. He arrives and the family is surprised to see that he is in a wheelchair, something they are not happy about. When he goes to the bathroom, they make derogatory remarks about him and express their disapproval.

Diners around the restaurant overhear it all. How do they react? The daughter is visibly upset. Does anyone comfort or stick up for her? Will anyone tell the boyfriend what was said about him while he was gone? Watch what happens:

What Would You Do: Black Customer Is Racially Profiled While Shopping in High-End Store

An African-American man (actor) is shopping at an upscale clothing store near Wall Street in New York City. He’s wearing a hooded sweater, which makes the salesperson (Caucasian, also an actor), a little uneasy. The salesperson immediately tells him they don’t have any “urban wear” in this store.

Things steadily escalate as the salesperson insinuates that this customer can’t afford the clothes he’s looking at and that the store has a lot of cameras. The man has done nothing wrong, but continues to be watched, and scrutinized, simply because of the color of his skin and his attire. Eventually, the salesperson calls the security guard (also an actor) to pat him down before he leaves the store. Will anyone standing by defend the shopper from being racially profiled? Watch what happens:

What Would You Do: Rude Ventriloquist Berates Pedestrians

What would you do if you saw a snarky ventriloquist insulting passersby with inappropriate jokes? Would you laugh along or put the dummy in his place? Watch what happens: