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Vote for your favorite scenario and it might air on the next episode of WWYD!

Dec. 10, 2010— -- From bullying to abuse, racial attacks and public humiliation, "What Would You Do?" has captured people's split-second and often surprising decisions when they're thrust into real-life ethical scenarios.

Do you have a favorite scenario from season's past that you want to see again?

Vote for your favorite scenario from the list below, and it might be featured on a special "Viewers' Choice" episode of "What Would You Do?," Friday, Dec. 17 at 9 p.m. ET.

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'What Would You Do?' Scenarios

Pharmacy Costs: An older woman goes to the pharmacy to get her diabetes prescription filled. She gives the pharmacist her prescription, but instead of a small co-pay the cost comes to $140.00. Unable to pay the bill, she dissolves into tears and other customers watch in dismay. What will other customers do and say? Will they come to her aide?

Day Laborers: Two Latino men who place a simple order at a deli are met by extreme prejudice from the cashier. We capture the reactions of the other customers as they wrestle with how to respond to the scenario.

Cell Phone:A loud obnoxious caller is disrupting everyone's meal. How much cell-phone chatter will people tolerate? What if the caller is a woman? Does that matter?