20/20 2020

Friday @ 10PM EST

David Muir and Elizabeth Vargas


Multiple women describe alleged encounters with Harvey Weinstein: Part 1

Paula Williams says she was a 20-year-old model hoping to break into acting when she first met Weinstein.
Oct 14

Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow claim Weinstein harassed them: Part 2

The New York Times reported that Jolie said Weinstein made "unwanted advances" in a hotel room in the late '90s.
Oct 14

Massage therapist claims Weinstein sexually assaulted her: Part 3

Juls Bindi says she was 29 years old when Weinstein allegedly groped her chest and exposed himself during a 2010 massage appointment.
Oct 14

Model records exchange with Weinstein: 'Why yesterday you touch my breast?': Part 4

On the recording made by Ambra Gutierrez, Weinstein can be heard saying, "I am not gonna do anything, I swear on my children."
Oct 14

Harvey Weinstein fired from his company, says 'I gotta get help': Part 5

On Oct. 5, The New York Times published its story reporting allegations by numerous women saying Weinstein sexually harassed them.
Oct 14