Fame Comes at a Cost for Nick and Aaron Carter

"I wasn't a bit surprised. I just knew it was a matter of time before they were going to be foolish enough to get caught doing what they were doing," Jane said.

Jane claims that she caught Aaron with a bag of marijuana at a show during the Hawaiian Tropics Pageant.

"Being young sometimes, you know, you try things, and sometimes you don't like it. But, for me, you know, I know that I've made mistakes. And everybody learns from their mistakes," Aaron said. Although he has distanced himself from his mother, Aaron still struggles with the situation.

"It hurts. A mother doesn't go on TV and trash her son," Aaron said. "I just want her to love me, you know? I just want her to be my mom. Is that too much to ask for?"

Bob Carter has his own take on his wife's motives. "She's broke. And she's using Aaron and me and everybody else to stir up publicity so that she can sell a book of lies," he said.

Jane says her new book will be called "The Price of Fame."

"This has been not just Aaron and Nick's life, this has been my entire life. And I have a right to talk about my life," Jane said.

Jane tells "20/20" she is estranged from four of her five children, but is still close with 18-year-old Leslie Carter, who has also written and recorded songs. And, yes, Jane is her manager as well.

But Jane is optimistic that the mother-daughter business relationship will work. "It's different, because I don't have that stress of the bad relationship. And that's all behind me now. So it's going to be fun this time," Jane said.

However, Aaron has some advice for his sister, "My advice to you would be, 'Don't let mom manage you.'"

With a new single out, Aaron is continuing to pursue his music career. This December, he will turn 18 and gain access to a trust estimated at $5 million. He says he's grateful for the love and discipline his father has brought to his life.

Jane, in turn, has her own dreams for the future. They're rooted in the hard lessons of her past. "I can say, that I learned something positive out of this whole thing. It taught me a really big lesson, that all the material things in the world are not important compared to the amount of time that you can spend with your children."

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