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" … His one world global attitude toward my personal income deserves all of the personal insults he lobbed at you, not the least of which was "ignorant." Which brings me to the most egregious fault of Mr. Alridge; that is, HIS childish name-calling while claiming to be the intellectual. All thought that isn't "liberal" is, by his standard, self-centered, extremist, whiny, ignorant, based on greed or uninformed, etc. … The "Branch" Dividians are a perfect example of the liberal's hypocrisy when it comes to "tolerance," "religious freedoms" or the "rule of law." Janet Reno's handlling of that situation was despicable by any intelligent criterion. " -- Elaine Fiveland, Moreno Valley, CA

"I recently finished your book "Give me a Break" (ORDER HERE). While I didn't agree with everything you said, you and I have more opinions in common that I would have expected. You, a fine upstanding Yankee reporter and I, a backwoods Arkansas hick, actually agree. Perhaps the country isn't as divided as we all seem to think it is." -- Frank Smith

Nov. 4

"You can find better subject matters than Gaydar: sign off, your making me sick with the gay thing!" -- Upset in Florida.

"Thank you John, for bringing up the stem cell research issue in your commentary tonight. It really made me stop and think. However, I think you should know, that with a ballot the size ours is here in California this year, with so many issues to be decided, this issue and the presidency were the only two that I was firm about. Until I saw your show. (gee thanks John)" -- Janis Salcfas, Elizabeth Lake, Calif.

Stossel's Response: California voters had few doubts. Prop 71 passed by a wide margin.

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