Fantasia's Memoirs Reveal Experiences With Illiteracy, Rape

She says in her memoir she was raped in the ninth grade by a popular boy on whom she had a crush. She claims he abused her in the school auditorium, and she went straight home and got into bed.

"And my mom comes upstairs and she says, 'Something is wrong with you.' I wouldn't even talk. She says, 'Have you been touched?' I still said nothing," said Fantasia. "I laid in that bed for two days. I wouldn't even go to school."

Fantasia finally told the truth to her mother and says the boy was disciplined, but it was Fantasia who suffered, blaming the incident on her own behavior. "One point in time I was saying it was my fault – just because of the way I was dressed, I caused it on myself," Fantasia said.

She dropped out of school later that year, and by age 17 Fantasia had become an unwed mother.

Now a successful singer, Fantasia says she has a reason for opening up her life in this fashion.

"I want people to just to see, all you got to do is have a little faith," said Fantasia. "Have a little faith. Don't give up."

She is continuing to work with her tutors and hopes someday to be able to read to her daughter, and to fully understand the legal contracts that could make her rich.

That, she hopes, will inspire others.

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