20/20 Exclusive: The First Daughter's First TV Interview

"Obviously I understand that question and see what, what the point of that question is, for sure," Bush said. "I think there are many ways to serve your country. And I think … what's most appropriate for me to do is to teach or to work in UNICEF and represent our country in Latin America. But you know I don't think it's a practical question. I think if people really thought about it, they know that we would put many people in danger. But I understand the point of it. I hope that I serve by being a teacher."

Bush told Sawyer she doesn't worry about her father's poll numbers, "because nobody knows him as a person. I mean, he's my father. I separate it, you know? He's a different person to me than what they portray him as. He's a totally different person. I think that's normal, I mean, he's my dad."

Bush said she worries about her father, but says, "He's doing a great job and he's hanging in there. … I worry about him probably less than he worries about me, you know."

As for her mother, Bush said, "She is calm and loving and supportive, and she would do anything for us. I think I've become more like my mom just because of what we're both interested in, children and teaching and writing."

Bush called her twin sister, Barbara, her "best friend."

"We've gone through every single thing together, you know from the womb on. Imagine going through this alone. That would have been really difficult. We had each other to say, 'gosh, so and so said this' or 'did you see this' … we're each other's best support system and best friends."

When asked by Sawyer whether there was a White House child that she always thought she'd like to emulate, Bush said, "I think Chelsea Clinton is very kind and smart and articulate. And she's always been very friendly to us, but we just wanted to be ourselves. … She's beautiful and poised all the time."

The Romantic Headline-Grabbing Engagement

Since returning from her work with UNICEF in Latin America, Bush has made headlines for her recent engagement to Henry Hager, the son of a politician and a former aide in the White House, whom she has dated for three years.

When asked to describe Hager, Bush told Sawyer, "He's very smart. He's a hard worker. He's open-minded. He's extremely outdoorsy. If he could spend every day outside, he would. He's very into the environment, and he was as a child. He hiked a lot. And so, now he's trying to find a job where he can support the environment and, and be outdoors. And, so he's a lot of fun. He's very supportive. He's great."

The proposal took place while Hager and Bush were hiking in Acadia National Park.

"We hiked Cadillac Mountain, which is the tallest peak on the Northeast. … It's supposedly where the sun first hits the United States. … We got up at 4 in the morning. We had camped out in a tent, and he woke me up, and he was really excited, and of course, I did not want to go hiking at 4 in the morning. It was freezing. … We hiked in the dark for an hour and a half, and then when we got towards the top, with the sunrise, he asked me," Bush said.

Bush accepted Hager's proposal.

As for the ring, Bush said, "It's his great-grandmother's and then he reset it. … I got to read about his great-grandmother and great-grandfather, how they fell in love, he wrote a little letter to me about it."

In the coming months, Bush will go on tour to promote "Ana's Story," visiting schools to teach students about tolerance.

"This book does not have a tidy ending because it is a work of nonfiction based on a life in progress," Bush said. "Ana is a 17-year-old girl with a lifetime of choices ahead of her. This book must end, but Ana's story is still being written, this time by her."

For more information on "Ana's Story," please visit www.harperteen.com.

Click here for more information on UNICEF.

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