Quintuplets Head to College

"Take it one step at a time," said Ian, knowing that his parents did just that. "Don't get too far ahead."

Shira, the only girl in the bunch, said, "Make sure you treat them as individuals."

And Elliot, who is living by his words in attending Salisbury, added: "When it comes to school, don't put them all in the same class."

Pam and Dan said they are probably going to get a dog to ease the loneliness. And, said Pam, they will make sure the kids know "that we love them and that they can come home anytime they want. And I hope they will."

How Are They Doing? An Update

Since this story was originally broadcast on Sept. 26, 2001, the Pisner quints have all made it successfully through their freshman year. Everyone did well. Everyone worked this summer, of course, since money is still an issue.

Devin, who is interested in a career in advertising, will be switiching colleges. Until he decides where to enroll he will live at home.

Pam Pisner says it "won't be the same when the kids leave this year; no tears."

When Barbara Walters interviewed the family in Olney, Md., she suggested one way to get through the 'empty nest' syndrome would be to get a puppy, and get the same breed that she has, a Havanese. The Pisners took her advice, and the newest member of the Pisner family, Kali, is adored by all.

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