Commentary: New Year's Resolutions

Remember last year, and the promises you made? Many of us are making them again.

Celebrities get publicity for their resolutions.

Last year Susan Lucci said she'd take singing lessons. Sex therapist Dr. Ruth said she resolves to find a man. She seems to be working at it. Michael Bolton resolved to become more of what he'd like to be as a human being. Whatever that means.

This year, Michael Jackson told the New York Post he resolves to "help the children." The reporter suggests Jackson would best help them if he stays away from them.

Getting in Shape

Exercise resolutions are very popular. Last year Julia Roberts said she'd be less lazy about running. Tom Hanks said he'd take Pilates classes. See him in your class?

Lots of us make resolutions about exercise. As a result, January is the busiest time of year for health clubs.

But will we keep promises? Most of us won't. Research shows that within six months, half of the people who sign up have stopped exercising.

The financial health of health clubs is partly dependent on people paying and then not going. Amazingly, some health clubs say five percent of those who sign up never go at all.

More Realistic Goals

Maybe it's better to make modest, easy-to-accomplish resolutions.

I resolve to try occasionally to agree with Barbara Walters.

Jack Nicholson resolved not to quit smoking, but to cut down to three cigarettes a day. That's more realistic.

George Clooney's even more cautious, saying he's reluctant to make any resolution, because, "What happens if you keep it? You'd be screwed."

Guess he doesn't want to give up anything good, though we should also point out that some people resolve and keep the promise.

Susan Lucci did study voice and sang on Broadway. Weatherman Mark McEwen resolved to eat less, and he lost 30 pounds. Sarah Jessica Parker resolved to stop swearing. And as far as we can tell, she has.

However, keeping resolutions does seem to be the exception, not the rule.

Last year, the media reported Britney Spears' New Year's resolution was to show her belly button less often. So what'd she do again this year?

Exactly. Give me a break!