Test Your Gaydar

The man who got the highest straight score -- was gay.

One of our straight testers said it's no surprise he guessed wrong. "I'm a straight man. I really have no need to look at you guys and say who's gay and who's straight," he said. "I thought they were all straight!"

On the other hand, many gays said they have better gaydar because they've needed to develop it to find partners.

One said, "I notice things that are different about myself from other people. Who else out there has these same things? And you learn to pick up on just the littlest things."

However, Bailey, in his tests, found gays' gaydar is no better than straights' gaydar.

There were plenty of wrong guesses on our test too. The straight test subject who had the highest "gay score" among the straight guys said he was used to being mistaken as gay.

"People tell me I dress well. I'm attractive, which automatically means you're gay," he said.

And this underscores how all this oversimplifies. Yes, there are stereotypes. The real deal is: gaydar does exist, but it is often wrong.

How good is your gaydar? Here's who's straight and who's gay in our top photo. Top row, left to right: straight, gay, gay, gay, straight. Bottom row, left to right: straight, gay, gay, straight, straight.

The following books have more information on the "gaydar" phenomenon: "The Man Who Would Be Queen," by Michael Bailey, and "Gaydar," by Donald F. Reuter.

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