What You Said About Sex Myths

Is everything you learned about the "facts of life" actually factual, or were you fed a little bit of fiction about the birds and the bees?

20/20 is taking a look at some popular notions about romance, love, sex and marriage.

1. Are short men at a disadvantage when it comes to romance?

Yes, women always go for the tall ones.

No, tall men might get the first date, but short men eventually get the girls.

59.3% said YES

40.7% said NO

2. Do blondes really have more fun?

Yes, brunettes and red heads are always buying their own drinks at my neighborhood bar.

No way. It takes more than hair color to get a guy's attention.

73.8% said NO

26.2% said YES

3. Will talking to your kids about sex before they are teenagers encourage them to have sex?

Yes, of course. It will increase their curiosity and make them want to experiment.

No. The more information kids have, the more likely they are to decide to postpone sex for later in their lives.

87.3% said NO

12.6% said YES

4. Is there such a thing as a seven-year itch?

Yes. If people need a 7th-inning stretch, they definitely need a diversion after seven years in a relationship.

Nonsense. Seven years flies by if you and your partner are a good match.

68.8% said NO

31.2% said YES

5. Are women naturally more monogamous than men?

Yes, women want security and stability. Men are cads, with cheatin' hearts.

No, women will stray just as much as men if they get the chance.

50.6% said NO

49.4% said YES

6. Is having sex during pregnancy harmful?

Yes, that's one of the toughest parts of pregnancy.

No, not unless your doctor advises you otherwise.

97.9% said NO

2.1% said YES

7. Does size matter?

Yes, the bigger the better.

No, the size of a man's bank account might matter, but not much else.

55.8% said NO

44.2% said YES

8. Do single people have better sex lives than married people?

Yes, variety is the spice of life, after all.

No, there's nothing like having a partner who loves you and knows what you like.

76.2% said NO

23.8% said YES

9. Do women like porn?

Yes, it's as big a turn-on for women as it is for men.

No, women find pornography degrading and distasteful.

54.7% said YES

45.3% said NO

10. Do herbal aphrodisiacs work?

Yes, there's nothing like a little ginseng to get you in the mood.

No, herbal aphrodisiacs are nothing but snake oil.

77.5% said NO

22.5% said YES