Update: World Changing for Children of Camden

On Jan. 26, "20/20" and Diane Sawyer profiled the lives of three children living in Camden, N.J., one of the poorest and most dangerous cities in America.

Viewers met 17-year-old Billy Joe, who struggled to be the first person in his family to graduate high school, 6-year-old Moochie, surviving a troubled home and danger-filled streets, and a homeless 4-year-old named Ivan, who wanted more than anything to be Superman and find his family a place to live.

After the airing of "Waiting on the World to Change," not only was there an enormous outpouring of generosity towards these children, but questions were raised and conversations begun about how to help the other citizens of Camden and the city as a whole. There will be more updates to come, but until then, we wanted to bring our viewers up to date about Ivan, Billy and Moochie, all three of whom captivated and inspired so many who watched their stories.

Thanks to viewer response and donations, Ivan and his family recently moved into a two-bedroom apartment. Ivan has a Superman comforter, coloring books and toys to decorate the room he shares with his little brother Imere. The refrigerator and cupboards in the apartment are stocked with food, and they have furniture donated by a variety of people and organizations. Ivan's mother Precious has enrolled at Camden County Community College and is working toward getting her GED.

Gavin O'Connor, a Los Angeles movie director who saw our program, was impressed by Billy Joe, who had auditioned to be an extra in "Rocky Balboa." On the condition that he continues with his education, O'Connor gave Billy a small role in his new movie "Pride and Glory," starring Colin Farrell and Edward Norton. Billy is currently attending Camden County Community College with full financial aid.

Moochie's father is not living with the family at this time. Both Moochie and her older sister Marge will attend the Camden Forward School at UrbanPromise next year, and will receive counseling and tutoring there as well as participating in its after-school program.

There are, of course, many children in Camden like these three, and organizations who work to help children and adults in the community. Click here for more information on some of these organizations.