Starbury Says 'Enough' to High-Priced Sneakers

The Proof Is on the Court?

And Marbury wears the same sneakers on the basketball court that are sold in stores -- proof, Marbury said, that he believes in their quality.

But will they do well? Will kids buy a low-priced sneaker?

Apparently yes. In city after city, kids and parents rushed in. Steve & Barry's President Andy Todd told ABC News that the chain sold out two month's inventory in just three days when the sneakers debuted last August. Seven months after the sneakers' debut, Todd said, they continue to sell well.

"Starbury, he thought about the kids. He thought about who can afford the Jordans," said one boy at Steve & Barry's. "So he put his sneakers to be $15, cheap so other kids could buy sneakers."

But…are they good sneakers? I challenged Marbury, telling him, this is cheap stuff, 15 bucks. It can't be any good.

"No, this is not cheap at all," he replied. "This is star quality right here."

Dave Ortiz, owner of the popular, but oddly named, New York sneaker shop Dave's Quality Meat said: "It's made for a consumer who's smart about his money…If these are made the same as the next one, I'll get these and run through these and get another pair and run through those."

"If it costs more, it's got to be better. And that's how people think," said Ortiz. "Whether it's going to make you perform better than the other average sneaker, no, I don't think so."

And this week, Marbury won a new fan for his sneakers: Mark Cuban, owner of the NBA rival Dallas Mavericks. Cuban was seen wearing a pair of Starburys at a Knicks-Mavericks game and according to, Cuban said, "I love, love, love, them. Are there better shoes? Yeah. Are there better shoes worth $120 dollars? No. I give him (Marbury) his credit. I don't think he has gotten enough props."

Cuban went on to say, "They're aren't many things we will do in our lives that will have an impact on culture and social change. To be able to send a message to kids and sell millions of shoes so the message gets through saying, save that extra $85 and buy your kid a guitar or some clothes. That is huge."

"You can look at 'NBA Cares' all you want. You can look at the things I've done for charity all you want. The NBA has never done anything as impactful as what he has done."

"The shoes ain't going to make you jump higher," Marbury told us. "It's definitely not going to make you run faster. It does nothing but say that you got $150 pair of shoes on, that's it."

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