What's in a Building's Name? A Lot of Tax Dollars

Some people wanted the courthouse named after one of Mississippi's first black lawyers -- R. Jess Brown -- but Lott had other ideas. It should be called the Cochran courthouse, he says, because Cochran got Congress to spend $100 million of your tax money to build it.

That upsets Brown's children.

"I feel that the building should be named after my father, R. Jess Brown, instead of Sen. Cochran," said Jacqueline Brown.

All About Ego

Some people walking past the courthouse said politicians already did enough for themselves.

"Don't put a politician's name on it. A politician's already received enough from the American public," said one person.

"That's all it's for -- it's for political gain and after they retire so somebody'd remember who they are," said another passerby.

Don't expect it to change anytime soon. Politicians like seeing their names on buildings while getting you to pay for it. It's an ego boost that makes them feel important. And when it comes to feeding politicians' enormous egos, it seems they can never get enough.

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