Transcript: Barbara Walters' Interview with Carla Bruni-Sarkozy

BRUNI-SARKOZY: I could have been provocative when I was a model and, and all the girls from my time were provocative. We were lucky enough to be famous, you know, the models of my generation. We were lucky enough to be interviewed, and we were all over the press. It's much exaggerated. See, that's, for instance, one of the part where my image doesn't have much to do with me.

The Label of Adulteress

WALTERS: Well, when we talk about your image, there are certain quotes that have been said about you. "Glamorous ambassador." "Femme fatale." "An adulteress."

BRUNI-SARKOZY: And a what?

WALTERS: Adulteress.

BRUNI-SARKOZY: [LAUGHS] I was never married, how could I be an adulteress? … [LAUGHS]

WALTERS: You know what I'm saying. Who is the real you?

BRUNI-SARKOZY: Oh, the real me is, um, much more simple, I guess. [PAUSE] I'm not really a femme fatale. I was never adulteress, since I never got married.

WALTERS: Well, but you were with men who were married.

BRUNI-SARKOZY: So they were adulterers, I guess, right?

BRUNI-SARKOZY: I just got married with Nicolas, and I don't think I'll ever be adulteress.

Eric Clapton and Mick Jagger

BRUNI-SARKOZY: When I met Eric Clapton, I was a very young girl. I was 20 years old. And we were linked for a very short time, and then we became friends. And then we lost touch, which I'm really sorry about. But Mick Jagger is actually a very good friend of mine.

WALTERS: He was married when you met him…

BRUNI-SARKOZY: He was married, and we never had a romance the way it was written. We had first a friendship and then he got a divorce.

WALTERS: Not because of you?


WALTERS: It's important to clear this up, Carla, because these are things we read.


WALTERS: That you broke up Mick Jagger's marriage.

BRUNI-SARKOZY: Oh no, I didn't.

WALTERS: And that you broke up the marriage to the man who was the father of your child.

BRUNI-SARKOZY: Oh really? No, not at all. He was actually, you know, going through a divorce when I met Rafael. And when I met Mick, he, he was married, but, but he divorced for, you know, I think he had a child with a woman -- in Brazil. So it didn't have much to do with me, I must say. [LAUGHS] And my husband is a complete different thing, you know. I married him. And everything was very clear from the beginning.

Bruni-Sarkozy on Monogamy

WALTERS: You were famous for saying that you were bored with monogamy.


WALTERS: What was wrong with monogamy?

BRUNI-SARKOZY: [PAUSE] I think I was just trying to be fun -- in the interview.

WALTERS: But you had said, "I don't care about fidelity, I don't believe in promises."

BRUNI-SARKOZY: I think promises are dangerous if you don't keep them.

'Love at First Sight'

WALTERS: You never wanted to marry.

BRUNI-SARKOZY: He is the first one who ask me to marry him.

WALTERS: He's the first one who ever…


WALTERS: …asked?

WALTERS: So you can't tell me that the reason that you married Nicolas Sarkozy is because he's the first man who asked you to marry him!

BRUNI-SARKOZY: No, I married him -- because I'm crazy about him!


BRUNI-SARKOZY: I'm crazy in love with him.

WALTERS: Was it love at first sight? You met at a dinner party.

BRUNI-SARKOZY: Yeah, love at first sight.

WALTERS: What was it like? Yeah?


WALTERS: And that was it.

BRUNI-SARKOZY: Yeah, I saw him and that was it.

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