Murdering Minister Had Secret Affair

He then led Bulls to his bedroom where they had sex, she said, the same room where his wife would die two months later.

About a month into their affair, Bulls said Baker began talking about killing his wife, and by mid-March, he started discussing ways that he could do it.

"He talked initially about maybe putting something in a milkshake because he said she liked milkshakes," Bulls testified. "So he was thinking about maybe putting sleeping medication in there and having her drink that."

Bulls said Baker shared other ways he thought about killing his wife, including making it seem as though she had hanged herself, tampering with the brakes on her car, or even a drive-by shooting.

"That he had been plotting her death in so many different ways. ... It was incredibly sad," Dulin, his mother-in-law, told ABC News after listening to Bulls' testimony.

After at least one attempt at his wife's life that Baker had told Bulls about, the pastor had finally succeeded. Kari Baker's nearly naked body was found by emergency responders on the floor of her bedroom April 7, 2006, and on the nightstand next to her bed, was a typed, unsigned suicide note, along with a bottle of sleeping pills.

Ruse of Wild Sex Before Wife's Murder

Bulls, who was not charged in connection to killing, testified about the events that unfolded the night she died. Bulls told the jury that after the murder, Baker said he had promised his wife a wild night of sex, handcuffed her to the bed and put sleeping pills in a cocktail.

"He started kissing her and touching her all over and he said -- I don't know if he took her clothes off or not. He never specified. Then he said he kept doing that until she fell asleep. He said then whenever he did that, he said he kissed her on the forehead and either, I don't know which one he said, he either said, 'Give Kassidy a hug for me' [referring to their second daughter who died of a brain tumor] or 'Give Kassidy a kiss for me,'" Bulls testified.

Then, she said, he put a pillow over her head. Bulls said he later told her, "God had forgiven him."

With his wife dead, Bulls said her relationship moved so fast that they even went shopping for engagement rings. But their affair soon came to an end when Bulls had second thoughts about Baker and the cover up. When she broke up with him on the phone, she said he became irate.

"He started saying, I killed my wife for you and now you're leaving?" Bulls recalled.

Baker, 38, was convicted and sentenced to 65 years in prison, a verdict that seemed to stun the former preacher. After the verdict, Baker said in court, "I believe the jury made a mistake in this."

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