Arnold Schwarzenegger Fathers Housekeeper's Son

Act 3: Former governors Arnold Scwarzenegger and Jim McGreevey made shocking infidelity revelations.
6:37 | 11/12/13

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Transcript for Arnold Schwarzenegger Fathers Housekeeper's Son
We now return to scandal for real. Reporter: And coming in at number five is the one-time governor of new jersey, jim McGREEVEY. I am a gay american. So what? I'm a heterosexual scotsman. Carry on. Given the circumstances I have decided the right course of action is to resign. Reporter: Okay, so mcgreevey was dealing with a few problems here. That was his wife dina. It hit me like a ton of bricks. Reporter: And he'd been having a secret affair with a guy he'd hired to work at the state capitol so he and golan cipel they could spend a lot of time together. What job allows him to do that the easiest? Department of sanitation head? Nope. Homeland security. Closed doors, no cameras. We gotta shut off all the mics in the room. It's just gonna be us. This is very serious." Reporter: Joking aside, this is actually a very sad story about a man who, because of his religious beliefs and fervent ambition, chose to live a gigantic lie. AS jim McGreevey told oprah -- I couldn't achieve anything that I wanted professionally if people knew that I was gay. I could never be a mayor. I could never be an elected governor. Reporter: Really? His real mistake was appointing this good looking sailer was homeland security chief. The first time in my life i kissed a man sent me through the roof. Reporter: Fine but you can't give a pivotal job to a guy who was totally unqualified and now claims there was no con sen wall relationship, who was threatening an aharassment suit which led to his coming out press conference. One has to look deeply in the mirror of one's soul and decide one's unique truth in the world. My truth is that I am a gay american. Reporter: His wife dina w-- no doubt it would have been easier if he had an affair with a woman. I don't believe he loved me. He used me. Come out, see what is new in new jersey. Reporter: Jim came out to new jersey, his wife and the world and it didn't go so well. Forgiveness is a long process. Reporter: The score sheet, marriage over obviously. He now lives with a man. Career, he's training to be a priest but don't ever rule out a return to politics. So today I still have a drea Reporter: Now in at number four on our list of the juiciest scandals around, it's arnold schwarzenegger, one time governor of california. I will not disappoint you and I will not let you down. Reporter: And star of some of the greatest action movies ever made like the running man. One of us is in deep trouble. Reporter: It was arnie because of this. Look at that kid's face, arnie's for sure and the mom is the housekeeper. You can't run from your mistakes. You have to confront them. Especially if they look like you. Reporter: Turns out he had been sleeping with the housekeeper for years, even getting down to the business in the marital bed when maria was out. I climbed on top of her to make sure that she was safe. How do you lie to your wife with that accent? That's amazing. Reporter: Maria and the housekeeper were pregnant at the same time. They gave birth within days of each other. The affair was draum tiesed by kathy griffin. Theirs was a forbidden love. I want to rafish you. I want to see the lef tags of the room. Reporter: More surprising was the secret was september safe so long. Joseph was 13 years old before the scandal broke. Apparently the kid didn't even know arnold was his dad. Really? Really? Let's go back to that track record I was talking about. BACK IN THE 70s ARNIE TOLD A Movie maker how body building makes him feel. To me it's . As having sex with a woman and . Reporter: He talked about how he enjoyed or gees. Once people are referencing an interview you did in weed magazine you already know that you are outside the boundaries of what would pass for family style living. Reporter: Still he married a kennedy for goodness sake, maria sha rooifr. They had four lovely kids and his past only caught up with him when he ran for governor in 2003 and six women alleged various degrees of groping. Arnie made a vague apology. I want to say to them I am deeply sorry about that. The housekeeper's son by the way was 6 years old at the time but still no one knew that he was arnie's. Where was tmz? He managed to have this -- john edwards couldn't get a zie goat past the american public. Schwarzenegger has a child who is bringing homework home. Reporter: With maria by his side he won the election. I want to thank her for being the greatest wife and I know how many votes I got today because of you. Reporter: The whole truth and nothing but the truth only came out after he left office, when arnold came clean and some say maria confronted the housekeeper. It's just one of the disastrous stions that I've created. It's the worst thing I've ever done. Reporter: Scandal score sheet, marriage over. Maria left him. Self-belief unbowed. Apparently he wants to change the constitution of the united states and he, born over seas can take a tilt at the presidency. As the man himself once famously said --

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{"id":20871179,"title":"Arnold Schwarzenegger Fathers Housekeeper's Son","duration":"6:37","description":"Act 3: Former governors Arnold Scwarzenegger and Jim McGreevey made shocking infidelity revelations.","url":"/2020/video/arnold-schwarzenegger-fathers-housekeepers-son-20871179","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}